Every detail is important

We have a team of design professionals who leverage their vast knowledge of the different materials used for kitchen and bath counters, fittings and other essentials. This helps us assist each one of our customers with the design of their bathrooms and kitchens so that their imaginations could be properly transformed into a blueprint and can soon become a reality.

We will take the time to understand your requirements and how exactly would you imagine your kitchen to look like and the colors that you prefer before we begin to discuss the many design options that you have when it comes to remodelling your home or starting with a new bathroom or kitchen.

This is an important step because kitchens and bathrooms are visited several times a day and everyone wants to step into a space that exudes beauty and appeal. Since designing your kitchen or bathroom is going to be a one-time thing which will last for a long time, you would also want to be more careful with your investment to ensure that even the smallest design elements are carefully understood and applied when required.

As professional designers, Grifon has a large base of satisfied customers who found are services to be excellent.

If you are considering a renovation or you need someone to help you design your new home then talk to us because:

  • We are passionate about our work

We love what we do and this is why we are able to do it so well.

  • Our experience helps us grow

With more years being added to our experience we continue to strive for betterment each day.

  • Our Services are reasonably priced

We aim to make our services affordable for our clients.

  • We value customer inputs

Your inputs are greatly valued because all our designs are centered around your requirements.

Whether for a renovation project you’ve been longing to accomplish or building your very first kitchen, Grifon will assist you in your project