Can We Repair Granite Quartz and Marble Chips on Countertops?

Marble and granite are the most prominently used material for kitchen countertops. Although there are cheaper types of materials available it is these two that put in elegance and show to your kitchen. However, it is not easy to fit either of these stones as they are both heavy and are nature’s original rocks. This means the stones have no mix and are directly brought out from quarrying.

Both marble and granite have to be installed by skilled workers as a team. It goes without saying that they remain strong and durable only when installed and there is danger of them slipping from hand while being placed on countertops. Again, loose stones may have developed cracks and fissures and this can be fixed only by specialists.

Doing a Decent Fixing Job on Granite and Marble

If you have entered into contract with a reliable contractor having vast experience in this field then you needn’t have anything to worry. A good contractor would lead his team in right direction so as to fix the cracks and fissures on granite and marble with ease.

In such case the specialist team of workers would apply a clear resin, epoxy or an acrylic adhesive so that these cracks and fissure would disappear from sight. There are number of unique products in the market that would do the job with utmost satisfaction of the owner and contractor.

In many cases clear epoxy dries hard. This means that it leaves hardly any trace on the surface and is quite permanent and you needn’t have any fear that it would go off after a period of time. Larger chips are given a generous level of high viscosity fluid that enters the cracks and which is later sprayed and dried with the help of resin.

Repairs on Countertops

Since it is lot riskier to transport whole stones brought straight from quarry these are usually cut down to proper sizes right at the workshops. The cut sizes are then transported to home kitchens and then placed over the cabinets. Craftsmen would create notches and finish the cuts once the granite or marble is placed on countertop.

There are quite a couple of different ways as to how this is done and an able team can perform the whole thing without any problems. An unusual crack or several fissures would be best avoided with a replacement stone. However, this rarely occurs due to proper and careful handling right at the start.

It is usually seen that a good epoxy bought from online market can bind the broken joints in granite or marble. However, it must be borne in mind that cracks may delay work and in case of applying epoxy the whole thing gets dried only within half an hour. But once joined this is rock solid without doubt.

These epoxy are not climate sensitive and you may get real good ones if you care to browse online for them. It is better to purchase a brand based on independent reviews as you wouldn’t find problems later on.