Design And Installation Services from Experienced Professionals

In an attempt to help our customers enjoy more than just high quality products, we have extended our services to include design professionals and installers who can give your kitchens and bathrooms an appealing look.

Whether you are planning a renovation or you have a new kitchen or bathroom that needs to be designed, our design team can provide valuable insights into shapes and surfaces that will be most suitable for your kitchen.

High Quality Products

Sourced from top suppliers, all our products are of the highest quality. You can check the slabs of granite and quartz and physically check the details of the faucets, sinks or other kitchen and bath fittings before you make a purchase.

With Grifon you will never have to compromise with quality and you wouldn’t have to worry about big bills either. We strongly believe in pricing all our products and services reasonably. This is why we have the most competitive pricing in our region.

Having grown successfully since the day we were established, Grifon values each one of its customers and has created several long-standing relationships with many homeowners and builders. We are proud to have several homes use our products and many who consider us for services related to granite, quartz and kitchen and bath fittings.

Are you looking for a good place to begin shopping for your kitchen and bathroom? Talk to us or visit our stores for design consultation and to check out our gamut of kitchen and bath fittings and granite and quartz products.


Specializes in renovation of kitchens and bathroom.
We offer our customers a large selection of natural stone products.

  • Countertops ∞ Granite Quartz Marble Quartzite Porcelain Concrete
  • Tiles ∞ Marble Travertine Porcelain
  • Mosaics ∞ Marble Granite Glass Stainless Travertine
  • Architectural Stones & Travertine Marble
  • Thresholds ∞ Marble Quartz
  • Showers. Granite Quartz Marble Porcelain

Our Specialty



Grifon is a leading provider of Granite and Quartz and marble products and services. We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your project beautiful. Founded in 2000, Grifon has always been the first preference for customers in our region.

Restaurent Commercial

Restaurent Commercial

La province Trois Riviere

Restaurant la province Trois Rivieres

Cuisine Classique

Cuisine Classique

Projet demo modele

Projet demo modele

Salon Renovation

Salon Renovation

Grifon ADV

Grifon ADV

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Granite Noir

Granite Noir

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