Frequently asked questions

Several factors determine the cost of kitchen countertop replacement. Some companies charge for an edge while some others don’t. When you take cost estimation, you need to consider plumbing, sinks, cutouts for outlets, price for the tear outs, modifications and more. Grifon offers the most affordable prices in the industry for materials as well as installation services.

Many people turn budget conscious when it comes to installing kitchen countertops. That is exactly why they search for the cheapest kitchen countertops available in the market. Laminate surface is the cheapest option that you can come across nowadays.

Quartz and granite countertops stand taller in terms of longevity. These natural stones show extreme resistance to stain, heat, scratch and moisture as well. We come up with the right recommendation after assessing the needs of each client in a detailed manner.

When you start shopping for countertops, you can find a broad range of options. In order to decide the best countertop for your money, you have to consider several variables including design preferences of the client, budget and location. Each surface comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Grifon experts listen to your needs carefully before recommending a suitable choice. We work with options such as granite, quartz, dekton, marble, quartzite and soapstone.

It is not possible to standardize the exact the duration of granite or other types of natural stone transformations because each project is unique. The space to be transformed varies from project to project. However, we usually complete a standard kitchen countertop installation and backsplash within one day.

Caring becomes an effortless exercise when you use Quartz. You can get engaged in other activities instead of constantly worried about how to clean the surface. Since minimal maintenance is needed, many people prefer it as their countertop material.

It is not all advisable to use chemicals containing very high PH or alkaline levels. You should use natural cleaning agents to clean the surface to enhance the longevity. Mild cleaning agents do not create a serious negative impact. Some of the harsh materials that you must not use are drain products, furniture cleaners, oil soaps, floor strippers and oven grill cleaners.

If you are searching for a highly durable engineered stone that can be used as countertops, you can choose Quartz. For gauging the scratch resistance of a natural stone, the hardness scale of MOH is extensively used. Quartz shows number 7.0 on this scale which is very good for any type of surface material. Quartz shows extreme resistance of stains and scratches. You don’t need to worry too much about chips or cracks as well. However you should not expose this surface to excess quantity of stress consistently.

Spills can be removed with the help of a damp cloth. You have to apply a mixture of warm water and soap on the surface to eliminate the spills. If you want to remove any stubborn stains, you have to utilize a non-abrasive cleanser. In order to remove food and gum, a plastic knife can be used to scrape them. Once it is done, you can use a damp cloth to eliminate the remaining particles.

Quartz Master requires only minimal maintenance. Carefree surface is an important reason that makes it one of the most favored options. You can wipe of any makeup spills, hairspray or grease in a simple and fast way. The process of maintaining the surface clean is extremely effortless. You need only a damp cloth, soap and warm water to clean the surface and maintain the natural beauty of Quartz Master.

Engineered quartz countertops are one of the most popular forms of quartz counters available today. These types of countertops are manufactured using a combination of crushed quartz stone and resin. It comprises of 95% crushed quartz stone and the resin quantity is 5%. The resin works as a binder and provides improved resistance and durability to issues such as chipping and corrosion.

Quartz countertops are one of the best choices available among a large number of people. Although quartz is a hard substance, you need to take care of it carefully. Cleaning should be done regularly using a rag and mild detergent. It is always advisable to avoid alkaline or acidic agents for cleaning. You need to wipe off spills as soon as possible and a hard plastic scraper needs to be utilized for removing dried crud. When you place coffee or cold drinks, you have to place use coasters. The quartz surface should not be exposed to extreme temperature swings to optimize the longevity.

When you choose quartz products from us, you have the freedom to select a suitable one from a large pool of quality products. We work with quartz silestone, quartz caesarstone, quartz compact, quartz hanstone, quartz LG, MSIstone, quartz vicostone, quartz Cambria and more. You can contact us to buy and install these stones at your home, office or industrial establishment.

We work with a wide range of natural stones including granite, quartz, dekton, marble, quartzite and soapstone. Our product range is really vast and you can choose from a wide variety of natural stones in different colors and patterns. Our team of manufactures and engineers comprises of vastly experienced and skilled people with profound knowledge about this industry. You can also approach Grifon for installation, repair, replacement or maintenance services of any type of natural stone.

Some trace of natural radioactivity can be linked with all decorative stone products including granite. Radioactive minerals available in these materials get decayed into a radioactive gas known as radon. Over a period of period of time, this gas is released from the surface to cause heath issues. You don’t need to worry about this radiation when you buy granite countertops from Grifon. Basically, granite is not porous. Additionally, we treat the exposed surfaces with sealant to make it difficult for the radon to escape from the granite.

If you install high quality materials like granite countertops, you can expect high longevity. If they are sealed properly, you don’t have to worry about staining. As a trusted manufacturer and installer, Grifon use granite cleaner and conditioner after the installation to prevent the absorption of moisture. Top quality materials like granite countertops last for around 100 years if you maintain them properly.

Several factors determine the cost of granite and they include slab size, color and granite grade. Granite is not an expensive option when you compare the price of materials like quartz. You can save a lot of money if you buy from the best manufacturers directly. They offer high discounts and you can also seek their expertise to install the granite countertops.

You can come across highly established and reliable granite countertop manufacturers and suppliers online nowadays. You can visit their website to assess the quality of the products. Top manufacturers offer a myriad of granite options in different colors and patterns to choose from. They also provide installation services for their customers. If you want to buy the best granite countertops, you can rely on a trusted manufacturing company that offers distribution and installation services.

If you have in depth knowledge and experience about granite installation, you can install it yourself. Granite installation demands high expertise and experience because wrong methods can lead to serious issues within a short period of time. It is always advisable to seek the help of a professional fabricator to get the job done in a perfect way. Professional installers know how to adjust slab to make sure that it fits in an ideal way. Granite counters need the use of rebar and reinforcement to avoid the possibility of cracking. Professional installers have the right tools and skills to perform the tasks in a fast and efficient way.

The answer is pretty simple. Retail stores purchase granite from wholesalers and sell to the customers after taking their profit or commission. If you buy directly from a granite wholesaler, you don’t need to worry about the commission charged by the retailer. The bottom line is that you can buy granite products at most affordable prices. Leading wholesalers offer large discounts for bulk purchases.

Granite is a 100% natural stone with admirable hardness. Granite countertops are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Quartz, on the other hand, is available only in limited patterns and colors. The natural beauty of granite is higher compared to quartz. The cost of granite countertops is lower in comparison with materials like quartz. There is no need to out an unsightly seam if your kitchen is spacious or comes with a large island.