Different Countertops

How Much Do Different Countertops Cost? Planning and designing of your interiors are never complete unless you decide for each and every minute detail. And countertop is one such major part that will decide the tone of your interiors and theme for the next years to come. So, once you have done with the budgeting part for your kitchen and bathroom, the next step is to choose the right countertops that fit into the budget. So, today we shall talk about different varieties of countertops and its cost.
  • Marble Countertops
These are the most elegant and luxurious material for your kitchen countertops. Although these are the best-looking countertops, you should only opt for them if you are ready to take care and precautions that come with it. For example, you need to follow all the manufacturer’s direction for sealing, cleaning, using, and daily care. If you have young children who might not understand the meaning of precautions, then better avoid them rather than getting stains and chipping of this ultra-luxurious material. Price – $75 to $250 per sq. Ft.
  • Granite Countertops
While we can categorize marble as a high-maintenance diva, Granite is more readily accepted because of its amazing finish and easy-maintenance nature. In the last few years, granite has become a popular option, especially for bathroom countertops. Thanks to the reasonable pricing range and easier future maintenance costs, you can definitely go for this natural, unique material for setting the theme. Moreover, one more reason why people love this natural stone is its different texture and pattern, which gives a unique look to your interiors. Price – $50 to $200 per sq. Ft.
  • Quartz Countertops
The quartz is the latest sensation to the countertop market, which its glossy shine and engineered qualities. It is also called as an engineered stone at times as it is artificially made. This material offers you more variety in colors and patterns when compared to the other two materials, and so serves the best when it comes to matching the theme. Another benefit of this gorgeous stone is that it is easy to install and clean. This means low maintenance cost after installing for the rest of your life. Price – $50 to $155 per sq. Ft. These are the most common used materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Few also use other materials like slate, soapstone, lava stone, limestone, concrete, stainless steel, and many other things for countertops depending on the theme and styling of the interiors. However, it is better to go with the top three as they look luxurious and available at reasonable rates in the Montreal market.