Kitchen Granite Countertops

Did you know that granite countertops are actually available in more than 200 colors? We usually end up looking at just four or five colors before deciding which one to be used for the kitchen. But if you actually looked at all the options you had, there is a chance that you may be able to find something that is closer to the design and color choices of your kitchen. Grifon has a wide range of Kitchen Countertops to choose from. But more importantly we have professional help available to provide you with insights and to help you pick the best granite countertop for your kitchen. Consider all factors like the size of the slab, the color that will work best in the lighting of your kitchen and will match the cabinet colors, the sturdiness of the surface and the thickness of the slab. Small rooms and low natural lighting in a kitchen will mean that dark granite colors may make it look gloomy. Lighter colors for the granite work beautifully for naturally lit kitchens as well as for kitchens where there is no natural light.

Kitchen Countertops

  • Pick the Right Color
From rich reds to toned-down neutrals, granite has variety and at Grifon you will notice how every piece of granite slab is unique in its own way. There is the color of your floor, the color of the cabinets, the color of the kitchen walls, the color of the backsplash and the color of the lights you will use in the kitchen that you have to consider before you choose a granite slab for your kitchen.
  • Take photos of your kitchen when you go shopping for countertops
You can use the photos to shop for the right granite easily. Our designers have a lot of understanding of how lights affect the look of your kitchen granite countertops, so you can always depend on them for professional advice on picking the right countertop for your kitchen.
  • Consider looking at the slabs that you would want for your kitchen
Don’t just look at the granite slab online or don’t just go with a sample. Look at the actual slab which will be used in your kitchen and then decide if it looks good enough or not.