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Shop from our exquisite range of kitchen sinks; we offer a huge range of high quality and durable kitchen sinks in quartz granite finishes. Whether you are looking for double bowl, single bowl with drain or single bowl, we have all, so that your specific needs are met.

Sink Montreal

In Montreal You can definitely get an ideal sink design, which perfectly complements your living area. We have classic and contemporary styles in various sizes and designs; we, as the most reliable kitchen sink designers in Laval, Montreal promise you that once you come to Grifon, you are going to be pampered with choices.

Installing them is very easy and we shall provide a complete guide too. We have sinks to match all sort of themes and we have paid attention to even the minutest detail.


Kitchen sinks are becoming more diversified than before. While single sinks are nice, double sinks can be better and did you know that lots of sink manufacturing brands are beginning to offer more variety where sinks can handle everything from washing and rinsing to to even chopping and serving. If you have been using a single sink all this time then you may want to consider upgrading and giving your kitchen better functionality when it comes to washing, rinsing or soaking your pans.

Stainless Steel

The most durable sink material is stainless steel. They last for a long time and handle scratches easily. Cleaning and maintain these sinks isn’t very difficult either. The only concern is that these sinks can get noisy.

Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain is beautiful. It can give your kitchen a traditional look and include color options too. But porcelain as you would know has to be handled with care. It needs a lot of attention and will require you to be careful with stains and is susceptible to chipping too.

Granite Sinks

Granite is beginning to get more attention. You can create continuity in the design of your kitchen by using granite sinks and granite slabs of the same color or try contrasting the colors to enhance the looks of your kitchen.

Natural Stone Sinks

Another way to use kitchen sinks and countertops of the same material is by using natural stone sinks like soapstone. But unlike granite, soapstone can chip and scratch which means that it is not as durable.

Not sure which sink material and which type of sink will be most suitable for your kitchen? Let our designers help you with picking the right sink according to your kitchen’s design aesthetics. Whether you are renovating or just changing the sink or picking a sink for a new kitchen, we have several options for you to choose from.