evier-de-cuisine KITCHEN SINK


GRIFON kitchen sinks deliver years of authentic performance.

Responding to all your wishes and tastes, GRIFON kitchen sinks include user-oriented features and innovative details that make all the difference. From farmhouse sinks to modern contemporary styles; from spacious single-bowl sinks to multi-functional double bowls; heavy-duty basins and kitchen sinks with accessories tailored for every home chef, to bar/compact prep basins for small spaces.

Sinks For Every Home Chef

With the HYDRA TECH™ Workstation Series: you can prep, cook, and clean using only your sink area, leaving extra free space on your kitchen countertop, and less chances for mess to cleanup later;

GRIFON collection of workstation sinks designed with integrated steps and a variety of interchangeable accessories that allow you to use the space above your sink in innovative and fun ways. Now you can rinse, chop and serve where you need it with easier cleanup.


15-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
17-5-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
11-2-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
azur-m-gris-4-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
azur-s-n-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
azur-s-g-2-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
gs611-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
gs612-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
st-gs303-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
st-gs308-1-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
st-gs310-1-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
st-gs311-1-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
gs312-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
gs313-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
st-g319-1-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
workstation-gs415-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK
gs416-300x300-1 KITCHEN SINK