base-de-douche-quartz-silestone-blanche-noire-grise-beige-1024x1024 SHOWER BASE


For people concerned about keeping their skin fresh, showering is a very frequent exercise. Many of them choose to start and end their day by taking a shower. We understand the care that many of you put into decorating your bathroom. And because we believe you deserve the best, Grifon offers you the best materials at very affordable prices.

Since we are also concerned about your comfort and safety, we offer you natural stone shower bases. Very elegant, they can be customised according to the space you have. In addition, they can be trimmed to fit perfectly into the existing decor.

With Grifon you won’t be disappointed. We have the expertise and the necessary tools to guarantee you a perfect finish. We also have very high performance acrylic resin bases offered with tempered glass doors on display in our stores..

For the coating of the walls, why not opt ​​for quartz, or ceramic? This allows you to customize the decor. You can then relax more easily while taking a shower. To optimize space, having a bathroom counter would also be interesting. You will find them with us in the standard dimensions of the market. It is also possible to order personalized counters according to the specificities of your shower. Measurements are taken with the laser, and we offer the guarantee of a final product of very good quality and in absolute respect of deadlines. With Grifon, bring a unique touch to your shower.

Contact Grifon’s customer service for the installation of a shower base at your home. Aesthetics and durability are guaranteed.