Italian Marble, best types.

Italian Marble, best types. To choose the type of marble that fit, all depend on how much traffic the area will receive, whether they’ll be exposed to spills or excessive heat, used indoors or outdoors, which room they will be used in, is it a museum, an Art gallery a house…. Some of the most popular Italian marbles are usually Calacatta, Statuario and Carrara marble. These stones are ideal for indoor applications and are commonly used as kitchen bench tops, splash backs and bathroom vanities. Much like all natural stones, they should all be sealed appropriately and maintained with PH neutral detergents that are not abrasive to the stones surface. Marble is an exceptional sensational transmitter that does not allow those who see it to remain unmoved. Multifaceted in its textures and colours, marble applies its seductive power to the creation of singular experiences. The fact that nature forged this material over the years endows it with the property of exclusiveness since there are no two pieces the same. Of unquestionable beauty, marble has been employed since time immemorial, both in decoration and construction.