Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Counters

Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Counters PROS:
  • Beauty – Marble goes beyond “style” and steps into a world of true beauty. Available in a stunning array of colors and patterns, it offers a soft, timeless elegance, and adds an air of class to any space.
  • Unique – Every slab is different, so your counter is guaranteed to be one of a kind.
  • Withstands Heat – Unlike granite, marble is capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of heat without experiencing surface damage.
  • Price – While this may be more of a consideration for some than others, the price is still high.
  • Staining – As cold and hard as marble may seem to be, it actually is porous. This means that it is very susceptible to stains, absorbing liquids that are left standing on the surface.
  • Durability – Marble just isn’t cut out for life in an active kitchen. It can be chipped, cracked, and scratched fairly easily, making it less than ideal for most homes. This is why it is primarily used in bathrooms or in display areas like a mantel over a fireplace. ( we will talk about Marble fireplace in a different article)