In the 19th century metro ceramics came to light in the Parisian metro stations. At the time, they were specifically used to lighten up walls and ceilings. Shortly metro ceramics took a spot in the world of conceptual design

If you’re wondering whether to choose a flat or beveled metro tile, we’re here to help. The flat metro tile was the original pick of the underground for their easy maintenance properties. As they gained more and more popularity, we started seeing the introduction of new shapes and designs including the beveled metro. Offering a softer and more homely feel ambiance, the bevel is a great choice for places where coziness is needed, such as the bathroom and kitchen. The traditional flat style is great for a bold edgy look. Their   easy-to-clean design makes them great for kitchens where there is heavy usage and activities from washing to food prep etc…

Although the history of this ceramic style goes way back in time, metro ceramics are to date extremely trendy and are largely used in kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. They perfectly represent the Parisian Chic style. It is true that the white tiles remain the most in demand but it is also available in a variety of colors that are nowadays equally as used as white tiles. Also available in a variety of sizes, it suits effortlessly with so many different styles and designs. For a more edgy smart look you can apply colored grout matching your flooring colors. Placed on large walls, this choice of tile enlarges the space and adds a classic retro look.


White remains the most popular color in metro tiles creating the most classic timeless retro design. Metro tiles then became available in many formats, colors, and finishes which made the style more contemporary with a distinctive touch.

With our large selection you may find the perfect ceramics for backsplashes, mosaics, walls; metro ceramic for your kitchen and for your bathroom. 


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2-2-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-3-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-4-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-5-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-6-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-7-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro
2-8-1024x1024 Ceramic Metro