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Cleaning And Sealing

Professional cleaning and sealing of your kitchen and bath countertops can make an incredible difference. While many clients go through the DIY route, professional services ensure that your kitchen and bath countertops last long.


While everyday cleaning can help you keep your kitchen look beautiful, professional deep cleaning of your kitchen and bath countertops will help you retain their beautiful finish and ensure that they do not lose their lustre even after years of installation. Depending on the materials used for the countertops and the backsplash, we may use a variety of cleaning products for the best results. This ensures that we are gentle on the finishing yet hard enough for the stubborn stains.


Ideally done right after installation, sealing the countertops helps you increase their durability. Sealing is also important after cleaning to give the countertops a lovely finish that makes them shine like new once again. The sealants we use depend on the materials used for your countertop. We pick sealants that last long and penetrate deep into the material because topical sealants tend to wear off very easily and the countertop is once again prone damage. Some materials like granite can take damage for longer than other materials like marble.

Choose our cleaning and sealing services for:

  • Exceptional Quality

We use products of high quality for cleaning and sealing the countertops. This ensures that you do not have to clean and seal your countertops very often. It also increases the overall durability of the surfaces.

  • Professional Work

We have a team of experienced professionals who understand different surfaces and materials very well so that they can clean it effectively without damaging the surface.

  • Affordable Pricing

At Grifon’s we aim at providing high quality services at budget-friendly prices. We have the most competitive pricing and the price you pay for our services will be worthy of the outcome.