Our mosaic and backsplash wall ceramics collections are easy to install. They are frequently used as kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall designs, also as shower bases. We have a high-end meticulously selected selection of ceramics that will surely add a distinctive touch in your space. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that best describe your taste and style. From square, round, to rectangular shapes you have the possibility to pick the backsplash style that is perfect for your space design. If you are going for a contemporary look, you can go for straight designs which will enhance the modernity. While asymmetric and irregular styles, add depth and character to the space. Our mosaic ceramics can also make perfect wall covering for your bathroom, showers, spas and swimming pools where the area is damp, allowing for easier cleaning and aesthetic appreance.

Our team specialists will help you find the perfect wall ceramic for your kitchen and bathroom to perfectly match with your ceramic flooring, your kitchen cabinets / bathroom vanity, your kitchen / bathroom counter, your walls, your color palette, your design, as well as your handles and accessories. From contemporary, modern mosaics, metro tiles, to large format chic looking ceramics, you can surely find the best match to complete the look of your space. Affordable and classic concrete tile backsplashes offer a unique and bold look to your kitchen. We can also offer you eco-friendly solutions for your wall covers such as marble, granite and quartz scraps. However the ceramics backsplash is more preferable for its stain repellent and easy to clean property.


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1-1-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-1-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-2-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-2-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-3-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-3-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-4-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-4-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-5-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-5-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-6-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-6-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-7-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-7-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash
1-8-1000x500 Mosaic Backsplash 1-8-127x137 Mosaic Backsplash


1-1-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-2-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-3-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-4-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-5-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-6-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-7-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash
1-8-1024x1024 Mosaic Backsplash