The most recent trends in porcelain are available in numerous finishes, such as honed, bush hammered or even cleaved to mimic the real materials. With a non-porous surface due to its stoneware composition, porcelain is easy to maintain and clean, making it a great choice in kitchen, bathroom, indoor as well as outdoor areas.

What mainly differentiate porcelain from ceramic tile is composition and the manufacturing process. Porcelain is made using a mix of finer clay packed at higher pressures and baked at higher temperatures in the kiln. This gives porcelain tile important properties:

Long lasting: The density of porcelain tile makes it more durable than ceramic tile while being less prone to wear and chipping. This makes it more suitable for commercial installations.

Water Resistance: Compared to ceramic tile, porcelain tile is more water repellent since Ceramic tiles are more porous therefore have a higher water absorption rate.

Through-Body / Uniform Composition: Because of the uniform color of material in unglazed porcelain tile, small chips may ngo unnoticed compared with ceramic tile, since ceramics often have a glazed surface coloring, so chips may uncover a different color underneath making it more noticeable.


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