Granite is Best for Kitchen

Which Granite is Best for Kitchen? Granite is one of the most desired choices for countertops. It gives a fine look to your kitchen, is wieldy and durable. It is a natural stone and is available in a variety of colors that will easily blend in with your color choice of cabinets. The granite countertop that you pick will be around for a long time and to solve your dilemma of making the right choice, we have the best choices of granite that would enhance the beauty of your kitchen.
  1. Gleaming Kitchen with Black Countertop –
Black is easy to maintain and homeowners that like to have a clean kitchen with minimal scrubbing then black granite would be a great choice. Some black granite countertops at times have silver streaks on them which sparkle when it comes in contact with light. Pure white kitchen cabinets would look amazing with black granite countertops. It gives a modern and chic look to your kitchen.
  1. Bold Kitchen with Red Granite –
Kitchen is a place where lots of cooking is done throughout the day. For those who would like their kitchen to look energetic and lively should pick a shade of red granite countertop depending on how spirited the look should be. The shades range from pinkish red to rich burgundy. Make sure you pick a neutral color for the cabinet, so your kitchen doesn’t look overwhelming.
  1. Rustic Kitchen with Brown Granite –
A brown granite countertop will have a dark shade, which makes it a difficult choice for homeowners to match any color with it. However, all the light shades pair with it perfectly. It gives a rustic and country look. People that are fond of the woodwork in their kitchen should pick a brown granite countertop because brown complements all shades of wood.
  1. Spacious Kitchen with White Granite –
Do not mistake white granite to be a white slab of stone. White granite always has different intricate veins of colors amalgamated in them. It makes your kitchen look bigger and brighter. This spray of natural colors can be black, blue, red, brown, or grey. White is heavenly and it will blend in flawlessly with any color that you pick for your cabinets. Aquamarine blue, cherry red and chocolate brown are our top choices for your cabinet colors.
  1. Cool Kitchen with Blue Granite –
A vivid blue granite countertop gives a very cool and calming effect to your kitchen. Pale yellow kitchen cabinets along with a blue kitchen countertop are a striking combination. A darker shade of blue granite countertop would also look wonderful with bright white tiles and cabinets.
  1. Decorative Kitchen with Beige Granite –
Many individuals may confuse beige with white, but beige granites give a totally different look. Beige granites are darker with more shades of brown, black and grey. This gives a homeowner the option to make their cabinets more decorative. Individuals that love a classic or traditional look should opt for this color of granite. All shades of brown cabinets will look exclusive with beige. Make your pick from this list of granite colors!