Italian Marble Very Popular

Italian Marble Very Popular Marble makes your home look gorgeous and luxurious, especially when you plan you set the theme of your kitchen or bathroom around this natural stone. But it is not true with every type of marble available in the market. If you want your home to actually look amazing and unique, then you should choose Italian marble only. So, what’s so special about this particular type of marble. Let’s find out in this article. Little History of Italian Marble – The marble from Italy, especially from the Carrara region, is very famous throughout the world because of its reputation. Many famous artists like Donatello and Michelangelo have used this material for their artwork decades ago, and the pieces are still intact. It has gained a high reputation for Italian marble as beautiful, durable, and luxurious. The beautiful white color of the Italian marble along with its purity and durability comes from the way it is formed. The high heat in the limestones avoids the impurities making it a pours marble stone with beautiful color veins depending on the area it is found. The veins make each slab of marble look different from another. This means you get a unique design in each piece of marble. Why Italian Marble? Italian marble is famous for its beauty and purity as well as it is superior because of the perfect quarrying methods they use on the marble. Italians have set a very high quality when it comes to cutting and carving of the marble, which makes the slabs of marble gorgeous and beautiful. Things to Check Before Buying Italian Marble – Italian marble is very famous and also a bit costly when it comes to market rates. However, this is also the reason why people may sell you duplicates of Italian marble. Sometimes, you might also come across a marble piece termed as Italian marble, which is only cut and carved in Italy but sourced from China or Vietnam. This is why you should check regarding the marble and only get it through a reputed company that deals with the marble countertop for Kitchens and Bathroom. Italian marble is definitely the best choice for your kitchen countertop. However, you should not only rely on it as there are many other similar options available in the market. A marble countertop definitely looks good, but you can also experiment with the growing trend of granite countertops or Quartz countertops to get a unique yet impressive interior for your place.