Do you know what the best Marble in the world is?

Do you know what the best Marble in the world is? Marble can be found in many countries around the world including Greece, USA, India, Spain, Romania, China, Sweden and Germany as well, but the highest grade and luxurious marble available is found in Italy. It’s certainly the country of origin of the most famous marble. But why Italian marble is so important? So many factors and reasons behind the popularity of this beautiful natural stone: Let’s have a glance at the history of the Italian Marble: Italian marble was used by esteemed renaissance artists including Michelangelo and Donatello, who used marble to create some of the world’s most iconic works of art. Italian marble has been proven to stand the test of time and has stood strong for centuries on many buildings around the world, used both internally and externally. What about the Heritage? Another reason Italian marble is considered superior due to the stone working heritage of the Italian people. They were pioneers in perfecting quarrying methods in ancient times, many of which are still used to this day. Italian Marble quality is practically peerless in the natural stone world when it comes to its durability, purity and beauty. It reflects luxury, elegance and sophistication and is seen as a symbol of status in residential and commercial buildings around the world.