Errors to Prevent and Protect Your Countertop

Errors to Prevent and Protect Your Countertop Your kitchen countertop is perhaps your workspace just like an office. It is on a countertop that you make your food preparations. A countertop is always exposed to food and liquid falls, heat and scratches of kitchen containers and tools. Countertops are usually made from sturdy materials such as granite, quartz, marble, etc. yet it does attract stains, scratches and gets chipped. Therefore, we have a small list of errors that can be prevented in the kitchen, so your countertop has a longer life. Hot Containers and Appliances will Damage the Countertop Depending on the material, your countertop is made of hot appliances and containers can cause it to burn and leave a nasty mark. It can also cause it to discolor and crack. For instance, a quartz countertop is not heat resistant and will leave a burnt mark on your countertop by a heated vessel. Slow cookers, hot containers, toaster, etc. should be used with a trivet, heat pad or even a piece of wooden board. Harsh Chemicals are Harmful Most countertops are easy to maintain and can be cleaned with soap and water. There are many cleaning products available in the market that you can buy to maintain your kitchen countertop however ensure they are not harsh. Cleaning agents with ammonia or bleach and react with natural minerals such especially if you have a stone or granite countertop. The chemicals will lose their shine with continuous usage of the chemicals. Acidic Foods Spills will Leave Back Stains If you have a marble countertop, then you should always take care not to spill acidic foods such as tomato sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, etc. Marble is made of calcium carbonate and spills of acidic food can cause the area to become spotted and dull. These spots are referred to as etches. To treat such spills wash the affected area with water immediately and sprinkle baking soda over the area to neutralize it. Collected Water is Risky Water spills should not be left on the countertops, especially surrounding the area of the washbasin where water is likely to remain in small amounts. Hard tap water that has high contents of the mineral can easily stain your countertop. If water if left it lead to a white crusty build-up that will leave back stains when wiped. A countertop should always be wiped dry after you have washed off any water from it. Do not Lean on the Edges of the Countertops Laminated countertops are susceptible to peels and splits. This is especially on the edges. You should never lean on them or keep heavy objects on the edges. Never open a sealed bottle against their edges. You are just going to split open the laminate. Keeping heavy objects near the supported edges can also crack the joints or fracture them. Try not to keep very heavy appliances over laminated countertops. You should always check for the sturdiness of the material to be sure the weight it can take. Avoid these errors to ensure your countertop spends more years with you in the kitchen.