Quality Check for Granite

What is More Expensive Granite or Quartz? Granite and Quartz are the two most sought after materials used in the construction of homes. Kitchen countertop, fireplace, paving, bathroom countertop, etc. are where they are mostly used. Both granite and quartz give a modern and chic look and picking one over the other is a matter of personal choice. When it comes to the price, both minerals can be priced at different slabs and all of this depends on certain points. Read on to understand which mineral is more expensive:
  • Granite is a natural mineral mined from quarries. It is a very hard porous stone that is cut and polished when it is used in homes.
  • Quartz is 90 to 95 percent natural stone and the remaining 5 to 10 percent is polymer and resins.
Physical Appearance Depending on how the molten materials were cooled down, granite comes in different colors. Pick your granite color before you decide the interior that will go with it because your granite is natural and you cannot have it in the choice of color that you like. Quartz, on the other hand, can be engineered to look like a variety of colors. You have more options when it comes to colors or patterns. Maintenance You can use gentle cleaners or simple soap and water to clean granite every day. Oils and acids can stain the granite because it is porous; however, you should use a sealer for granite to seal it once in a year. Granite is quite resistant to heat and you can place warm things over it without having to worry about leaving a burnt mark. Quartz countertops are strong and non-porous. They do not require sealing. However, they are not resistant to heat. You must always use a trivet or a heating pad if you are placing hot vessels or pans on it. Quartz is sturdier than granite and doesn’t chip easily. However, they are not completely vulnerable to sudden accidents and may get chipped. Granites also tend to chip. However, both of them can be repaired. You can always call in the local specialist and get the work done or DIY. Price It is quite difficult to tell which mineral is more expensive. Depending on the durability, availability, quality, labor, make, etc. both granite and quartz could be priced differently. The cost of quartz would probably from $80-$140 per square foot installed while granite begins at about $80 and can go to $175 or slightly higher for high-end material. The price range is just an estimate and could vary from supplier to supplier. Another reason to why granite is usually on the higher side is because it is a 100% natural mineral and is quarried from limited mines across the globe. Quarrying, transporting, cutting and finishing it for a consumer is a long process, which is why it is usually priced a little more than quartz, which can be available provincially quite easily. Despite the difference in price, both the minerals are fine choices to make for your home.