What qualities must you look for while choosing the bathroom and kitchen countertops manufacturer?

Natural stones are replacing traditional bathroom and kitchen countertops made of ceramic tiles and plastic lamination. Some of the popular stones are limestone, soapstone, marble, onyx, and granite. If you are shopping for kitchen and bathroom countertops, you should choose a vendor that can offer many options. The following information is helpful for those who would like to remodel their countertops:

Availability of versatile products

A reputed bathroom and kitchen countertops manufacturer will help you install the best countertops available in the marble. It is possible to choose aesthetically appealing as well as durable countertops at affordable prices.

A wide range of colors, texture, and patterns are at the manufacturer’s disposal. You will get the opportunity to install the latest countertops. For example, Cambria quartz has the same design as that of granite or marble.


The manufacturer should provide you complete information about the quality of stone and the steps to maintain the countertop. Sealing and cleaning services will help you keep clean and bright countertops.

Right thickness

The thickness of the countertop should be selected as per the application. Most of the manufacturers will be able to supply the countertop of a standard thickness of 1.25 inches. In fact, 1.25 inches is suitable for most of the kitchen and bathroom countertops. You can discuss your needs with the supplier to choose the right thickness.


The standard countertops come with a straight edge or waterfall edge. You can apply a straight edge to a quartz countertop of 1.25 inches. You can consult the manufacturer to get intricate borders like bullnose, pencil, or laminated edging profiles. To get an attractive look on the kitchen countertop, the extra layer of quartz will be laminated. A reputed countertop manufacturer helps you choose the right kind of edge to improve the appearance and functionality.

Appliances and fixtures

Before choosing the countertops for your kitchen and bathroom, you should choose the appliances that you would like to install over them. Slots should be cut in the countertop to accommodate sinks and faucets.

Difference between brands

There will be a certain difference between brands. The most common among them are slab size, price, warranty, and design.

  • Cut limitations – Each stone will come with certain limitations. In some cases, you will not find a slab that can fit into your countertop. Hence, a seam may be required. Based on the type of cut, the seam may not be perceptible.
  • Price – The price varies from one brand to another brand. As per your budget, you can approach a manufacturer who supplies at an affordable price or go for a luxury brand to install premium countertops.
  • Warranty – The manufacturer can be selected as per the warranty. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty. The warranty also comes with certain limitations. You should go through the details before the final selection.

You can buy an engineered stone or natural stone that can withstand heat and fire very efficiently from a reputed brand to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.