Why should bathroom sinks be picked carefully?

When you are shopping for bathroom sinks, you should understand the available options at your disposal. Based on the size of the bathroom and frequency of usage, you can make a smart decision.

Different types of sinks

The following are the most commonly available sinks:

Under-mount sink – This kind of sink is installed beneath the countertop. The sink’s top portion will touch the countertop’s top level. The sink is easily accessible, and the water will be collected and drained quickly. It is the most common type of sink deployed in households for family bathrooms as it can be maintained very easily. The under-mount sink is expensive, and it cannot be easily installed on a laminated countertop.

Top-mount sink – It is also called as drop-in sink as the sink will be installed on the counter’s top. The rim of the sink is available in various styles. Most parts of the sink will be beneath the countertop level. The top-mount sink can be installed on either wooden or laminate-type of counters very easily. The damage that occurs through the water leakage can be prevented as the rim will spread across the counter on all sides. The top-mount sink is ideal for bathrooms attached to master bedrooms.

Pedestal sink – It is a wall-mounted sink, and the drain pipe from the sink will go through the pedestal. The pedestal supports the sink, and it is located on the floor. The aesthetics will be addressed very efficiently as the drainpipe will not be visible. The only drawback is that the water spillage while using the sink cannot be prevented. The maintenance will be a little difficult as there will be a gap between the pedestal and the wall.

Vessel sink – A vessel-shaped sink will rest on top of the countertop in the bathroom. Some models are available, which will drop below the countertop level. The sink can hold a lot of water, and you will be able to accomplish quick face wash without any issues. If you are looking for a statement-style of the sink, the vessel sink is ideal. While installing the sink, the height adjustment should be made properly so that there will not be any user discomfort. The disadvantage is the difficulty in cleaning around the sink. The sink is ideal for master bathrooms.

Integrated sink – The sink appears as part and parcel of the countertop. The sink is generally made with acrylic or porcelain material. If the usage of bathrooms is widespread, you can go for integrated sinks. In most cases, standard sets are available in the market. However, you can customize the product as per your needs. The countertop space will be reduced as it will incline gradually towards the sink. If you are on a quick shopping spree for a sink, you can opt for an integrated sink as you would compromise on the functionality to some extent.

Wallmounted sink – No countertop support is required in deploying the sink. The sink will rest on the wall. With the wall-mounted sink, you can save floor space, and it is possible to manage clean looks. If there is space constraint, you can go for a wall-mounted sink.