Quartz vs Granite in Bathroom

Quartz vs Granite in Bathroom A bathroom countertop sets the tone for the theme and accentuates the beauty of its design. It is an essential element to your design while planning for a new bathroom like the bathtub, flooring, shower, and other accessories. The countertop has more value because you shall spend most of your time near it like while applying makeup or applying lotions. After all, that’s where you will feel good and confident about yourself. But a lousy bathroom countertop will just do the opposite. So, which bathroom countertop should you go for – Quartz or Granite? Both of the options come with durability as well as style, and so are also popular in Montreal when it comes to residential projects. So, which should you choose? Here, we will talk about both the materials and help you decide which is better between Quartz and Granite. Why Quartz? This material is artificially made and has qualities of strength and durability. Thanks to its artificial nature, it comes is a variety of colors and patterns. Another important quality of quartz that comes handy is its resistance to stains, which means no ugly marks on your bathroom countertop even after years. Quartz is a non-porous material that means it does not need sealant for the easier cleaning process. So, just installing it is enough. Moreover, it is easier to install compared to granite, which is a beneficial quality while working in a small space in the bathroom. Why Granite? It is a natural stone that has properties of durability and resistant to any kind of damage. Being a natural stone, each piece of granite comes with unique shades and designs making it one of its kind for your bathroom countertop. Moreover, it is also available in different variety of colors, and so, you can match the shades with your bathroom theme. Granite bathroom countertops need a sealant for fixing pieces, which makes it a bit difficult to install compared to Quartz bathroom countertops. However, using sealants makes it easy to clean the granite later in years to come. How to Choose? The answer to this question depends on your requirements like –
  • What color do you want for your theme?
  • Which material do you find more appealing?
  • What are your maintenance preferences?
  • The space for installing the countertop?
When you answer all these questions, you shall find the perfect choice for your bathroom interiors. So, whichever you choose, granite or quartz bathroom, your choice will decide how your bathroom will look for the next many years to come.