What to Expect when Looking for Granite Countertops?

If you are thinking of granite countertop installation then you must need to plan some things a little beforehand. In first place you ought to get into contract with a specialist contractor who had done several such installations jobs before. It should also be borne in mind that granite countertop may get a little messy and therefore your contractor ought to be present throughout when job is progressing.

You should in turn make sure to give rooms in your kitchen so that the team can install granite without least hassles. Further, be ready for some dust to accumulate as and when work progresses and you may need to clean up later. Granite jobs are tricky and need skilled workers.

Expensive and Long Term Investment

You must always plan your budget carefully when you choose granite countertops for you kitchen cabinets. Not only these are nature’s original stones they give utmost finish and sparkle to your kitchen when done properly. This is as long term cost and you must be prepared to spend more money than what you would when you install ceramic tiles.

You should avoid disturbances when job is being performed. Not surprisingly, this job can be done only when you have your kitchen easily accessible from outside by workers. Individual blocks are heavy and therefore there must be room enough for careful handling.

If you have furniture around the place then you must cover them properly or else dust will quickly settle on them. No children should be allowed when work is in progress. Also keep all pet too away from the spot.

High Skilled Focused Work

As stated earlier granite countertop works are pretty focused and require some time to complete. It is actually team work and therefore everything from A to Z ought to be made quite precise. This means cabinets ought to be placed only after earlier laminated countertops are removed. This must be done carefully lest any damage occurs to cabinets.

Next step is to ensure that levels of cabinets are perfectly matched and that they are secured. You may always give your suggestions to your contractor who then makes sure that he or she quickly briefs you about pros and cons of doing so. If cabinets are not in level then it becomes a time consuming work.

Carrying Granite Pieces and Setting the Same

You will find that skilled workers go about the job quite efficiently. There may be few issues and you may be asked for suggestions by your contractor. In order to cement pieces granite clear and neutral epoxy is applied. When it gets dry the excess is skimmed off with razor blade. The whole process has to be done with precision for otherwise there may be imperfections here or there.

The whole process of laying granite on countertops in a small kitchen would take less than three hours. However, if the kitchen is large and is complex then it may take at least eight hours.

But when completed your granite countertops gives an awesome look to your kitchen. .