Bathroom Sink

Grifon lets you shop for that perfect bathroom sinks, for matching the décor of the bathroom. From under mount sinks to pedestal ones, we are here to serve you with latest styles & trends, so that your bathroom can be transformed into your favorite space. You can choose the feel and look you want & can satisfy your creativity levels. If space saving is on your mind, we offer corner granite bathroom sinks too. Our executives will help you select a perfectly crafted sink that fits into your bathroom design with precision and makes it stand out. Our collection is very elegant and is made up of premium materials. You are going to love the ultra smooth and glowing finishes. When it comes to bathroom sinks, a lot of people feel that bathroom sinks lack design, but the truth is that there are endless possibilities to explore. Grifon brings to you an attractive collection of bathroom sinks that will match your bathroom’s design and make your bath area look exclusive just the way you want it to be. Are you thinking of a pedestal sink? They don’t offer any storage and are not the most stunning ones, but they can be a great solution for smaller bathrooms where cabinet space under the sink may not be an option. If you don’t need a storage option then wall mounted sinks or pedestal sinks can be an equally interesting way of experimenting with a different design for your bathroom. As for bathrooms that prefer storage, drop-in sinks make most sense. There is a reason that these sinks are the most popular ones too. So which one would you choose for your bath space? Still not sure? Take a look at our eye-catching collection of bathroom sinks that offer variety in design, installation and functionality. If you are planning to remodel your bathrooms, then take the time out to identify the bathroom design that you want to have. While a classic design will have you looking at one set of sinks, faucets and lighting solutions, contemporary design ideas will require you to look at a completely different direction for your bathroom fittings. Our Bathroom Sinks Feature:
  • Exceptional style
There is nothing less than outstanding designs in our collection of bathroom designs. Each one of them is crafted to offer exclusivity to your bath space.
  • Excellent Quality
All our products adhere to the highest quality standards.
  • Variety
Grifon aims at adding beauty in everyday items in your bathroom like your faucets, sink and other bathroom fittings. This is why have a lot of options and many designs to choose form.