quartz-gemini-lg-viatera-montreal-laval-1024x162 LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

lg viatera quartz countertops

LX-Hausys (another name for Viatera) offers this vision: “to create living spaces that are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and human-centered.” These values also represent our goal, which is to provide environmentally friendly and energy-efficient materials and products, in order to pioneer the creation of future spaces with aesthetic and user-friendly designs.

quartz-lg-viatera-montreal-laval-1024x768 LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

LG-VIATERA quartz colors

EXaMPLES of Lx-hausys countertops projects

quartz-calacatta-sol-montreal-laval-1024x577 LG Viatera Quartz Countertops

Laser measurements taken  /  CNC guided cuts + finishes  /  Home installation
With over 15 years of experience in the stone industry, and a seasoned team of measurers, fabricators, installers, present since the beginning of the adventure; we are proud to be a local, family-owned business that values the satisfaction of their customers and employees.


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