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SYMPHONY quartz countertops

An eclectic collection of marbles designs, featuring elegant veins on luminescent backgrounds and bolds patterns, with a profusion of details.

symphony-quartz-montreal-laval-1600x1200 Symphony Quartz

NANO INK and NEOS technology :
a natural and durable quartz

At high temperatures, Nano Ink technology penetrates the surface of Symphony Stone, creating a 3D effect and offering authenticity of color and pattern. Other printed stones on the market limit the pattern to just above the slab. Our unique and revolutionary technology injects ink up to 1mm below the surface. This significantly enhances color stability, creates a deep 3D effect, and offers better scratch resistance.


Nano Enhancement of Surface (NEOS) is a high-performance anti-stain and anti-substance technology developed by our engineers to keep your surfaces clean with minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your home without fearing staining your surfaces. 

4R and ecopress technology:
An environmentally firendly quartz

In 2022, the brand launched Symphony Ecopress, a printed engineered stone, made from a high-quality hybrid material and developed by their engineers with the exclusive state-of-the-art 4R technology. This allows for a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Almost 100% of the water could be reused, with zero water wastage in the process and no polluting discharge.

They have also managed to reduce the silica content to less than 20% and have achieved a significant milestone: becoming the stone with the highest percentage of recycled materials in the market.

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SYMPHONY quartz colors

Laser measurements taken  /  CNC guided cuts + finishes  /  Home installation
With over 15 years of experience in the stone industry, and a seasoned team of measurers, fabricators, installers, present since the beginning of the adventure; we are proud to be a local, family-owned business that values the satisfaction of their customers and employees.


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